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We serve nutritious and quality food that nourish not just your health but also your taste buds.


Who we are, what we do.

Eat Healthy, Eat Tasty

Taste And Quality

Our 100% buckwheat soba is made in store everyday with quality organic buckwheat powder from Japan.

Health Is Wealth

Soba decreases the risk of health attack, cancer and diabetes due to its high protein level as compared to any other grains except for oat. Buckwheat also contains high level of rutin that lowers blood pressure.

Soba For Life

We fundamentally believe that food is a major part of our well-being and we can enrich lives with delicious and healthy food that is affordable at the same time.

Health Benefits Of Soba

A Healthier Heart

Buckwheat consist of flavonoids like rutin that help to maintain blood flow, prevent platelets from clotting excessively, protecting against heart diseases.

Disease-Fighting Antioxidants

Buckwheat contains protective phenolic compounds and antioxidants that help fight cancer and also in improving the health of the brain, liver and digestive.

Recharge and Recover

Buckwheat consist of plant-based protein and amino acids which supports energy, growth and muscle synthesis, allowing you to recharge and be more productive throughout the day!

Say No To Diabetes

Buckwheat is low on the glycemic index, which means its nutritions are absorbed into the bloodstream slowly, fighting the imbalances in blood sugar levels that leads to fatigue and diabetes.

How Our Soba Is Made

Handmade. Fresh. Delicious.

  • The Handmade Dough

    We first mix the organic buckwheat powder with water. Next, we hand knead the dough until the dough is elastic and smooth in order to add strength to it. Each bowl of the soba is specifically weighed.

  • Made Fresh To Order

    Once an order is made, we insert the dough into the machine where it compresses the dough into strands of soba and falls into the boiling water after it is cut.

  • Toss It!

    The soba is cooked! Cold water is added to the soba to bring out the chewy texture of the soba. We then toss it to ensure that it does not become soggy.


    The soba is ready! Lets not forget the other ingredients that makes the soba taste even better! Itadakimasu!